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USS Maximillian

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The U.S.S. Maximillian is a starship in the United Federation of Planets.  Named for St. Maximillian Kolbe, and taking various roles throughout it's history as scout, warship, and protector, the Maximillian is an unsung hero of Starfleet.  Since the days of Admiral Robert S. Lyon, it has developed as a sort of 'independent vessel' while still flying under the same banner of the fleet, yet operating almost by itself under the auspices of it's high ranking protectors.  It's dedication motto has always been "Reach for the Stars, and Grab the Future," a quote from the late Christa McAuliffe of the Challenger disaster of 1986.

Soyuz-Class NCC-1945

Commissioned on February 20, 2250 under the Command of Captain Issac Bennett.  It first embarked on a five-year mission of military operations between the Federation and the Klingon Empire.  In 2261, the Maximillian returned from it's second five-year mission for upgrade and refit.  Captain Helen Roters took command as well as overseeing the refit.  The patrol area increased to include the Romulan Neutral Zone in 2266.  In 2267, the Maximillian assisted the starship Enterprise at Organia, where the first cease-fire was arranged.  Later that year, Captain Duncan McKnight assumed command, and in 2269, discovered evidence of a new type of Klingon vessel, the K'T'Inga class.  In 2270, the ship was updated and refit again, and Captain Christopher Ryan assumed command until 2275, when Captain Jeremiah Tolbert took over.  And in 2283, Captain Nathan Wilcox took over for him.  In 2288, the Soyuz-Class was removed from active service in favor of the Miranda class vessels.  Maximillian currently resides as a relic at the Fleet Museum in orbit of Earth.  Also see NCC-1945

Federation-Class NCC-2105

Commissioned on Stardate 1244.5 (2297) at Cameron Starfleet Construction Facility orbiting planet Deneb V as a result of increasing tension between the Klingon Empire and the United Federation of Planets under Captain Bzzmaaht.  In 2298 the Maximillian was assigned as flagship of Rear Admiral David Freeman, Commander of TacFleet.  Maximillian broke several strategic and combat exercise records.  Maximillian then in 2299 assigned to Romulan Neutral Zone patrol duty out of Starbase 10.  During that time, Maximillian encountered over 25 Romulan warships, engaging only five in minor skirmishes. 

In 2303, Maximillian returned to Starbase 10 after her five-year mission of military patrol operations.  Captain Shrevir of Andoria assumes command and embarks on a mission of military patrol operations.  He commands Maximillian for seven and a half years as part of Tacfleet, encountering and confronting Romulans on over 122 occasions, thirty of which involving minor skirmishes and two of which narrowly avoiding interstellar war.  In 2311, Captain Shrevir was promoted to Rear Admiral to command Starfleet in the Romulan Sector.  First Officer Allen Bundy was promoted and assumed command.  On May 7, 2311, four days after his becoming Captain, Maximillian engaged four Romulan warships in battle and was destroyed.  Also see NCC-2105

Excelsior-Class NCC-14238

Commissioned on September 23, 2320, Captain Casavan of Zaran II assumes command, embarking on a mission of deep-space exploration in the Olduvai region.  In 2325, both Captain Casavan and First Officer Wallace were killed in an attack by hostile natives of Delvos Morae II.  Lieutenant Commander Skol takes command, and returns from the Maximillian's first five-year mission, where they mapped over 35 habitable star systems and 4 first contacts.  Upon return to Earth, Maximillian undergoes systems upgrade and crew rotation.  The second five-year mission takes place in the Keo Expanse, where 20 star systems and 2 first contacts take place.  In 2331, the Maximillian returned, and Captain Skol retired from Starfleet.  Captain William Hunter takes command upon the third five-year mission in 2332.

During Hunter's command, Maximillian patrols the region of Federation space near the Cardassian border in the vicinity of Bajor.  Tensions between the Federation and the Cardassians lead to more than a dozen encounters with Cardassian warships.  Under Hunter's command, 16 star systems and 3 first contacts took place.  It returns in 2337, and Captain Hunter retires from Starfleet.

After completion of minor systems upgrade and crew rotation at Starbase 364 in 2338, Captain Hose Gomez assumes Command, and the Maximillian is assigned to Tacfleet in the Tholian region, patrolling disputed border areas and monitoring Tholian activities.  During this tour, the Maximillian made three encounters with Tholian warships, none of which ending in hostilities.  Much of Captain Gomez's mission was uneventful, and the ship routinely carried out simulated combat scenarios with other Federation starships in the area, winning several commendations in combat readiness.  In 2340, starship Maximillian is reassigned to Deep space exploration in uncharted Atraides region. Over five years, Maximillian mapped over 47 habitable systems and makes 3 first contacts.  In 2345, Maximillian returns to Earth for resupply and a year-long systems overhaul.  Captain Gomez is promoted to the position of Chief of Staff to the Commander-In-Chief of Starfleet Command.  Captain Achmed Ghaman assumes command and oversees much of the refit.

In 2346, Maximillian is assigned to transport Starfleet Secretary William Hunter and the President of the United Federation of Planets to First city on Qo'NoS to attend the first Klingon/Federation Summit Meeting since the foundation of a strong alliance between the Klingons and the Federation, at a site referred to as Camp Dover.  Later that year Maximillian is again reassigned to Tacfleet, involving the starship in many skirmishes with the Tholians and several battles with the Cardassians.  Over five years, Maximillian neutralized over fifteen Tholian and seven Cardassian warships, crippling an additional seven Tholian and twelve Cardassian vessels.

In 2351, Maximillian is still assigned to Tacfleet, and Captain Ghaman is killed in action during a Cardassian attack.  The ship, with heavy battle damage and high casualties, limps to Starbase 211 for repairs.  Maximillian's first officer, Commander Nighthawk, is given command.  After three weeks of repair, resupply and crew rotation, Maximillian rejoins Tacfleet in various operations involving military strikes and defensive posturing against Tholian, Talarian, and Cardassian task forces.

In 2355, Maximillian returns to Earth for major systems repair, crew rotation, and tactical systems upgrade.  Captain Nighthawk is promoted to Admiral, and First Officer Commander Robert Lyon is promoted to Captain, overseeing the refit of Maximillian.  Under Lyon's command, the Maximillian returns to service in battle group 47 in the Cardassian/Federation conflict.  Captain Lyon and First Officer Blobbin lead the vessel through over twenty-five skirmishes with Cardassian warships, and twelve battles, defending several outlying Federation colonies in their sector of operation.  In 2361, the Maximillian returns to earth for upgrades and transfer, and four months later returns to the Cardassian theatre.

In 2363, while operating alone in the Beta Rendala system, Maximillian is attacked by three Galor class cruisers.  Maximillian takes severe damage and high casualties in the ambush, but was successful at repelling her attackers.  While enroute to Starbase 211, a warp core breach was in progress.  The core was successfully ejected, however the resulting explosion caused further damage.  Captain Lyon was forced to order abandon ship.  Officers and crew were rescued four days later by Excelsior-Class Starship U.S.S. Detroit (NCC-42288).  The hulk of the Maximillian was recovered two weeks later and towed to Starbase 211 where she was deemed to have suffered too much structural damage to salvage.  Through her actions, the Maximillian had saved four Federation colonies (4 billion lives) and the Captain, officers, and crew of the Maximillian had been commended for their actions.  Also see NCC-14238.

Nebula-Class  NCC-72016

Construction began on July 18, 2361 on the Nebula-Class starship Pharaoh at the Helium Shipyards of Mars.  By December 13, 2363, in honor of the Beta Rendala incident and the actions of the officers and crew of the Excelsior-Class Maximillian, Starfleet Command renamed the Pharaoh the Maximillian.  Commanding Officer Robert Lyon is assigned as director of construction and Lieutenant Commander Blobbin volunteers as his co-director.  Maximillian launched on February 20, 2367 for system tests, and officially commissioned on May 20, 2368.  Captain Lyon assumes command, and Lieutenant Commander Blobbin grudgingly accepts promotion to Commander, serving as Lyon's first officer.  During her first year, Maximillian patrolled the Cardassian/Federation border while conducting tests on weapons and tactical systems intended for use against a potential second Borg invasion.

For the next several years, Maximillian patrolled the outer frontiers of Federation space, until returning to Earth on June 1st, 2369.  Captain Lyon is promoted to Rear Admiral and Captain Turock T'Kill assumes command, and for the next three years Maximillian patrols the Cardassian/Federation disputed territories.  This mission remained relatively uneventful, outside of a few skirmishes with the Cardassians.

In 2371, Commander Blobbin stepped down as first officer to accept assignment to Starfleet Special Intelligence.  Though no longer first officer, he still remained attached to Maximillian as a base of operations, just as Lyon did.  Captain T'Kill assigns Lieutenant Commander Teela Amor as Blobbin's successor to the first officer posting.  Over the next year, Maximillian was assigned to reconnaissance missions in the Gamma Quadrant.  

On July 20, 2372, the minor systems upgrade and structural repair to the hull of Maximillian was completed.  Captain T'Kill was promoted to Rear Admiral lower half, as Maximillian was assigned to Tacfleet, Starship group 3, and served as flagship to Fleet Admiral Robert Lyon.  Commander Blobbin recieves promotion to rank of Captain.  

On December 12, 2372 (Stardate 49947.5) Maximillian was on routine patrol and escort duty in the Gamma Quadrant as flagship of Task Force Gamma-Two, alongside Federation starships Chicago, Mariner, and Atlantis, when Atlantis detected seven Jem'Hadar warships on attack approach for Semtar III, which was roughly equivilant to Earth in the late 20th century.  Due to Semtar III's proximity to the Bajoran Wormhole, and due to the nature of the situation, Task Force Commander Lyon felt the prime directive did not apply, and the task force was ordered into battle.  The battle resulted in stopping the attack, but at the cost over a thousand Starfleet lives and two starships, the Maximillian and the Chicago.  Of the crew of 645 aboard Maximillian, only 327 survive, and those with various injuries.  Also see The Sacrifice, NCC-72016

Sovereign-Class NCC-74997

Commissioned on Stardate 50000.0 (January 1, 2373), the USS Monarch was renamed Maximillian at the request of Fleet Admiral Lyon, to honor the sacrifice of the Nebula-Class ship at Semtar III.  It was launched for trials on January 13th, and then officially commissioned on May 24th under the command of Admiral Turock T'Kill.  The Maximillian was assigned to deep-space exploration in the Menkare Expanse, the most distant and uncharted area in the Alpha Quadrant.  Admiral Lyon names Maximillian his flagship as the ship arrives at Deep Space Five for additional crew and equipment.  Joining the crew at this point, among many other notables, was Lieutenant Critch Starblade.  After arriving in the Menkare Expanse, Admiral Lyon assumes command of the Twelfth fleet, assigned to exploring the uncharted region of the Galaxy, and to investigate the disappearance of starship Niobe.  Admiral T'Kill serves as Lyon's second, and Commander Tamak is promoted to Captain, taking command of the Maximillian.  After a relatively uneventful time, the Niobe's trail was picked up, just as Tamak entered a stage very similar to Pon Farr.  The following events, showcased in "Guard Forever", led to Admiral Lyon, Blobbin, and Lieutenant Starblade being trapped in the past for a time, and T'Kill and Kelvok in the future.  While all were eventually returned and the mystery of the Niobe's disappearance solved, Tamak was forced to relinquish command of the Maximillian, and First Officer Teela Amor took command.  She found she much preferred working behind the scenes however, and less than a year later also stepped down, and exchange officer S'Quid Tai Septaric was promoted to the captaincy, along with her brother to Commander, Kragnar.  Admiral Lyon left command of the twelfth fleet at the same time, assisting Admiral Rod Hammond with a secret project. 

Six months later, at the beginning of 2377, the Maximillian is called out of the Menkare Expanse abruptly by Admiral Lyon to join in a hastily constructed task force to meet an invading vessel.  The task force soon goes awry and the vessel destroys a Gorn Homeworld, seriously damaging the Maximillian in the process, and killing Captain Septaric.  Admiral Lyon retakes command, and orders the damaged ship after the vessel, even as Lieutenant Starblade stows away on board.  Under Lyon's intense command, the Maximillian is nearly destroyed, but regroups with a large portion of the Federation fleet to stop the vessel, now revealed to be a Marconian ship.  Through the efforts of the Maximillian's officers, the vessel is destroyed, costing Admiral Lyon his life.  The Maximillian itself is severely damaged but salvagable, and reconstruction and upgrade begins immediately under the new command of promoted Captain Kelvok.  Among other installations are upgraded shielding and weapons based on Admiral Blobbin's Errsedorian designs.  Lieutenant Commander Starblade takes a leave of absence but returns to the Maximillian after it's relaunch.

In 2379, the Maximillian answers a distress signal from a distant planet, and while en route welcomes aboard Lieutenant Overload Soong-Maddox and Databit.  On the distant planet, the crew encounters a malevolent biogenic plant-creature that has overcome the entire planet.  Eventually, the lifeform overtakes the Maximillian, and forces Captain Kelvok to order a full abandon ship.  Starblade and Soong-Maddox are barely able to stop the creature before it can use the ship to seed itself throughout the galaxy.  However, one of the seedlings from the creature survived on a escape pod.  That pod crashed on a nearby planet, Cirrus Theta, and soon the creature infested another world.  While they attempted to stop it, before long Kelvok was forced to destroy the planet.  While he was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing by a tribunal, Kelvok stepped down as Captain, recommending Starblade for the position.  Despite misgivings from Admiral T'Kill, Starblade took command of the Maximillian in late 2380, with Commander Jaydin as his first officer.

At the beginning of his term, Starblade encountered a cyro-ship containing Reman soldiers of Shinzon, and exposed the last plot to destroy several worlds of the Federation.  Impressing Admiral T'Kill in the process, Starblade and his crew was able to stop the Remans.  The rest of Starblade's first five year mission passed uneventfully, as the Maximillian was tasked to Romulus to oversee peace talks as the new Government was formed, one that was hoped to be friendlier to the Federation.  Despite the tumultous events on Romulus and Remus, the rest of the galaxy was quiet.  There were small flare ups as a organization calling themselves the "Shinzon Loyalists" began to strike Federation targets in small scale invasions, and similar biogenic plant lifeforms sprouted, though none to the extent as had happened on Cirrus Theta.  Other than that, it was quiet.

In mid-2384, following Commander Jaydin's return to Bajor, Starblade chose the Xenobiologist Horta Nirathi to succeed her as first officer as the Maximillian was assigned to locate the whereabouts of the U.S.S. Asimov and Captain Stephenson, both lost in empty space.   The events following will be shown in Order of the SwordAlso see NCC-74997, The Sacrifice, Beyond the Final Frontier, A Great Adventure, Needs of the Many, Strength In Darkness, Order of the Sword, and Guard Forever.

Luna-Class NCC-82016

In January of 2386, the Luna-Class U.S.S. Maximillian was launched under the command of Captain Nirathi and Commander Jhemma Luna.  Following the loss of the Sovereign-Class, and the subsequent retirement of Admiral T'Kill, it was decided that the Maximillian name would live on in a ship that resembled the classic Nebula-Class slightly.  While the Luna-Class was primarily designed for science and exploration, this particular iteration was heavily outfitted with the latest technologies, both of Federation and Errsedorian origin.  Due to the relaxing of certain regulations, a cloaking device was also installed, though it truly has not yet been tested in an actual stealth mission.  Also see NCC-82016, Looking Ahead,  and Where No Man has Gone Before.


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