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Tobias Jock Ubercat

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Name: Tobias Jock Ubercat

Animal: Feline

Mascot Status: Official

Christened by Rob Lyon

Tobias “Toby” was born in mid September 1996 and was soon adopted by his present owner, Greg.  After coming to Columbus, Roby befriended Rob Lyon, or “The Lyon” as Toby referred to him, who was great fun.  When Greg would ask Rob to watch him, Toby would attack and scratch and find the loudest things possible to play with, especially at 3am, just to annoy Rob.  Toby’s mission was to drive Rob mad but he still had a soft spot for the little kitty.  In 1999, Rob proclaimed Toby the official mascot of the USS Maximillian.

Toby has always been quite active with the ship.  He penned many articles for the newsletter and he would entertain guests whenever at Max functions.

So popular was Toby that he became part of the fictional history and storylines of the Max as the owner of Blobbin.  In 2000, he was immortalized in a standee that still makes the rounds at conventions and meetings alike.

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