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(Terry A. McPherson.)  Tamak is a Vulcan born in the city of ShiKahr on planet Vulcan on June 3, 2269.  He is the son of T’Pring and Stonn.

First Starfleet Career:  Tamak wanted to get into space as soon as possible, so rather than going the route of a Starfleet officer, he decided to enlist as a starship crewman.  He took his basic training at the Starfleet Enlisted Training Program in San Francisco on Earth.  Upon his graduation, he was promoted to apprentice and attended the Warp Field Technology Enlisted Training School.

     Upon completion of his advanced training, he was assigned to starship Essex and promoted to ablesman.  In 2292 Tamak received his promotion to the rate of warp propulsion specialist third class.  In 2295, he was assigned to the San Francisco Fleet Yards, orbiting Earth where he served as a warp propulsion specialist.

     In 2297, he was again promoted to the rate of warp propulsion specialist second class, and was assigned to starship Avenger.  He remained aboard Avenger until 2301, when he received a transfer to the Warp Propulsion Field Technology Enlisted Training School, where he served as an instructor for four years.

     In 2305, Tamak was again promoted to the rank of chief warp propulsion specialist, serving aboard starship Repulse as warp propulsion section chief petty officer.

     In 2311, Tamak was reassigned to Starbase 10, where he became the warp propulsion enlisted supervisor for the ship yards at that base.  With this transfer, he was promoted to the rate of senior chief warp propulsion specialist.  During his tour at Starbase 10, Tamak had the opportunity to study command procedure as it applied to senior enlisted personnel.

     In 2315, a position for chief petty officer of the command opened up aboard starship Potemkin.  Tamak, feeling that command experience would be beneficial, took the position.  He remained aboard Potemkin until his retirement from Starfleet in 2321.

      Civilian life on Vulcan: Tamak left Starfleet because he believed that his continued exposure was compromising his dedication to logic, as well as everything that was Vulcan in him.  To purge himself of this contamination, he undertook the Kohlinar discipline.

     Second Starfleet Career:  In 2362, Tamak felt that life on Vulcan was becoming too limited.  Therefore he reapplied for Starfleet.  The local Starfleet recruiter in ShiKahr reviewed his previous Starfleet career, finding that the Vulcan had an unblemished thirty years of enlisted service.  The recruiter had convinced Tamak that he would be more useful to Starfleet as a commissioned officer, and recommended the one-year Starfleet Officers’ Candidate School on Vulcan.  Upon his graduation in 2363 and subsequent commissioning as a lieutenant in Starfleet, Tamak was assigned to the 40 Eridani A Starfleet Construction Yards, Yoyodyne Division as an engineering officer.

     In 2365, Tamak grew tired of the ground assignment, feeling the need to get back among the stars.  He applied for a transfer, and was assigned to starship Farragut, where he was posted as a warp propulsion officer.  In 2368, Farragut’s chief engineer, Lieutenant Commander Timothy Allen retired from Starfleet service.  Tamak was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander, and took Commander Allen’s posting as chief engineer.  Tamak had a great deal of respect for the commander.  He had instructed him in modern starship engineering, even taught Tamak some of the nuances of humanity.  On occasion, Tamak would even take on some of Commander Allen’s traits.

     In 2372, Tamak was transferred to starship Maximillian, where an experienced chief engineer was desperately needed.  He served aboard Maximillian until her destruction several months later.

    After the Sovereign-Class Maximillian entered the Menkare Expanse, Tamak began having strange feelings that overwhelmed him.  He was diagnosed with Pon Farr, however these feelings soon overwhelmed him, and a series of events took place that, among other things caused Admiral Lyon to spend a year in the past, and the rest of the Maximilllian in the far future.  While all were eventually restored, Tamak was stripped of his captaincy, even though he was cured of whatever ailment had affected him.  He chose to remain on the Maximillian to make up for the happening.  He served admirably until just after Critch Starblade took command.  He collapsed in the mess hall, and while the Maximillian was under masquerade as a Reman starship, he awoke, seemingly under the control of something.  He stealthily lowered the Maximillian’s disguise, returning to sickbay with no one the wiser.  While the Maximillian survived the encounter, Tamak did not come out of his coma again.  He is currently under treatment at Starbase Columbus.

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