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(Susan Moran) Stellar Cartographer for Federation Sovereign class starship USS Maximillian (NCC-74997).  T'Purr is native of Cait.

     T'Purr entered Starfleet Academy in 2369.  During her junior year in 2371, T'Purr attended a panel discussion on Starfleet Intelligence held at the academy.  There, she met Captain Blobbin.  She found him to be pleasant, refreshingly candid and witty.

     In 2372, Cadet T'Purr was given a training assignment to the Argus Cluster to enhance the sensor optics on the array, increasing it's effective range by twenty percent.

     Because of her input on this project, and because Cadet T'Purr graduated in the top one percent of her academy class, she was commissioned as a lieutenant junior grade upon graduation from the academy in 2373.  After a short leave on her homeworld, Lieutenant T'Purr was assigned as Stellar Cartographer aboard the newest starship in the fleet--Federation Sovereign class explorer USS Maximillian (NCC-74997) where she currently serves.



A Biography – T’purr Meowran

By Susan Moran


T’purr was born on Cait, a Class M planet in the 15 Lyncis system.  Terrains would recognize this system as part of the Lynx constellation.  The planet has two moons, Rea and Sura.  T’purr spent the first 17 years of her life living on her family’s ranch on the savannah in the Southern hemisphere.  At the age of 17 she made a pilgrimage to the Northern Capital, a shrine to peace, established after the only World War on Cait.

It was there that she met her future mate, Lrr’thann’rr.  He was also on a pilgrimage to the city of peace. Almost all Caitians spend some time of their life living in the city, trying to understand what it was to be such a lonely, paranoid people, and in some way keep the memory of the Polar Caits alive.


 While there they began the bonding ritual (a form of engagement).    Caitians usually do not actively choose a mate, but instead they go through a process called bonding, which is as much physical, as psychological. After adolescence, Caitians give off a pheromone that tells others that they are unbonded and are therefore available. When two Caitians bond, their pheromones shift and are now read as unavailable by other Caitians.  Caitians who have bonded become addicted to each other’s pheromones, and as a result feel the need to be close to one another. The entire process occurs on a subconscious level and can happen without either Caitian knowing it at the time. With rare exceptions, these bonded Caitians fall in love and are married. And so T-purr and Lrr’thann’rr were married shortly after they returned home.  A month later they both joined Star Fleet.


 During their time at the Academy they had one brre’l (“litter”) of three children, two females and one male.  Their children’s names are Fel’ynn, S’rreen and M’grram.  After graduation, their first assignment was on the Drienne Space Station.  Lrr’thann’rr worked in Engineering, while T’purr was assigned to the Communications department.  Five years later, they were reassigned to the USS Walker, a science vessel.  During this assignment, Lrr’thann’rr contracted a viral infection that left him incapacitated for several months.  During his convalescence, and as a direct result of changes to his body chemistry, he became emotionally attached to the Terrain nurse assigned to his case.  Although they tried to renew their bonds it soon became apparent that their union was over.  Breaking a bond is extremely traumatic for a Caitian. Lrr’thann’rr decided to leave Star Fleet and return to Cait with S’rreen and M’grram.  Fel’ynn chose to stay with T’purr.


 T’purr requested to be re-assigned to the U.S.S. Maximillian since she knew some of the crew from her time at the Academy.  Admiral Blobbin had been a guest lecturer in her Architectural Theory class.  LT T’purr began her career on the Max as chief of stellar cartography, a position granted her by Admiral Lyon who knew she was well versed in astronomy.  She was recently promoted to LCMR and became Chief of Science.


 Her daughter, Fel’ynn, also attended Star Fleet Academy.  She graduated with a degree in history and archeology.  Upon graduation she requested to be assigned to the Max with her mother.  She was granted her request and currently serves as the ship’s archeologist and historian.

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