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Sophia Delanuay

Page history last edited by Chris Stephenson 13 years, 6 months ago

     Not much is known about Sophia Delanuay. All that is known is that she was born to somewhat reclusive parents in around 2348. There are rumors that her parents were Betazoid, but nothing has ever been confirmed. And if Sophia is Betazoid, she is keeping that fact under wraps.

Sophia grew up on Earth during Starfleet’s heyday of exploration. Every night, there was a story on the local news about a new cosmic phenomenon discovered, a new species that had made First Contact with the Federation. At that time, everyone in her social circle had a particular person, planet, or starship that they called their own and whose unfolding story they followed religiously. Sophia found those obsessions rather unflattering, until she found one of her own in 2355, when she heard of the loss of the U.S.S. Stargazer and the salvation of most of the crew by one Jean-Luc Picard. After that, she watched and came to admire Picard, though he remained out of the public eye until 2363 and the launch of the Enterprise-D.

      It was Picard’s adventures that inspired Sophia to enter Starfleet Academy in 2364. She entered to Command ranks, but in her second year, Starfleet was decimated by the Borg at Wolf 359. Classes at the Academy were cancelled as Headquarters and the Academy prepared for an invasion. The school viewscreens were all on the sector of space where the battle was taking place, and everyone listened as “Locutus of Borg” threatened to assimilate the entire Federation. This hit Sophia particularly hard, as Locutus had once been Picard. The battle was won by the guile of the Enterprise crew, though the damage to Starfleet was intense. As a Betazoid, she felt the anguish of those around her, and watched in awe as the remaining counselors of the Fleet worked almost non-stop to heal the psychological and emotional damage done to the survivors of that battle.

      Sophia graduated from Starfleet Academy in 2368, with a degree in Psychology and dreams of becoming one of the Fleet’s best counselors. She had great faith in the ideals and potential of Starfleet and the Federation, and believed that as long as the admirals were in their offices, everything would turn out fine in the end. Her illusions were shattered in 2369, just one year after her graduation. The Cardassians were encroaching on a little Federation colony known as Minos Korva. It was widely thought that they were planning on trying to take the planet, if not the entire system. Starfleet sent the Enterprise the border to protect the colony. The Cardassian incursion resulted in a small team being sent to a Cardassian planet to find and destroy a suspected metagenic weapon. The only thing those in charge of the mission would admit to the rest of the fleet was that there had been a team of three sent in, two of whom had escaped. The one who had been captured was Picard. Sophia began to ask why Starfleet wasn’t trying to help him escape. The only answer she got was “Picard who?” At that moment, something snapped inside her. Her faith in the Fleet died, and her belief in the infallibility of the Federation ended. Her questions elicited the ire of Starfleet Command, and she was taken off her ship and assigned to be an admiral’s aide. It didn’t take long for her to wiggle her way into his good graces with her unusual ability to judge people’s character (made all the easier by her hidden empathic abilities).

During the Dominion War, she was made on of the prime liasons between Starfleet and the Romulans. When Shinzon tried to take over the Romulan Star Empire, she reacted very strongly to his attempt to kill Picard, and earned the trust of the remaining Romulan officials, as they tried to clean up the remnants of the Empire.

      To this day, she remains acting as a double-agent, working for both the admiral she ostensibly serves, as well as the Romulan praetor. The Romulans know of her dealings with and loyalty to Starfleet, yet Starfleet remains unaware of her dealings with the Romulans. Her hope is that by working with the Romulans, she can forestall the day when the Romulans destroy the Federation when they become the dominant power in the quadrant, as she is certain they will.

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