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Robert Lyon

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Robert S. Lyon III [2306-2373]

     Fictional persona of Robert S. Lyon.

     Robert S. Lyon III was born in Columbus, Ohio on Earth on July 18, 2306.  He is the son of Starfleet officer Robert Stephen Lyon II and Julie Lyon.  His flagship was the starship Maximillian, a Sovereign-Class starship.

     Among Fleet Admiral Lyon's varied interests are a variety of old twentieth century insanely stupid cartoon series, twentieth century science fiction television and movie series, history, genealogy, and archaeology.

     All through his life, Lyon heard about his family history:  The Lyon who became Lord Lyon, King of Arms in Scotland; the Lyon who had fought in the American Civil War in the nineteenth century;  the Lyon who served in the United States Navy during Earth's second world war; the Lyon who was a late twentieth century physician; the Lyon who traveled the world, studying archaeology during the Eugenics Wars and the early twenty-first century; the Lyon who was among the first humans to live among the stars; the Lyon who fought in the Earth-Romulan Conflict of the twenty-second century--The list went on.


Starfleet Career:  Lyon was eighteen when he joined Starfleet.  Much to his father's despair, Lyon was impatient to get into space, so in 2373, he enrolled into the Starfleet Enlisted Training Program in San Francisco.  Upon completion of his basic training, he was promoted to crewman apprentice, and enrolled into the Warp Field Technology Enlisted Training School on Earth.  During his training, his class was required to witness the commissioning ceremonies of starship Trafalgar.  When he graduated, he was assigned to starship duty aboard the science vessel Oberth where he served as a warp propulsion specialist.  During his tour aboard Oberth, where he was promoted to crewman in 2324.

     In 2325, Lyon transferred to a larger starship, the Cyane, a Miranda class science ship.  His commanding officer, 32-year-old Captain Parish, had a high regard for Lyon and his talents.  Lyon rapidly moved to warp field specialist third class, and again to warp field specialist second class in 2326.  In 2327, when Lyon's enlistment in Starfleet was up, Captain Parish sponsored Lyon in his application to Starfleet Academy.

     Lyon's experience in Starfleet Academy was very difficult at times, particularly when the cadets were in the hands of the ever-caring drill instructors.  One drill instructor in particular, Drill Instructor First Class Sonak, was extra hard on Cadet Lyon, and his friend Cadet Richard Kilgore.  Both cadets found the Vulcan drill instructor cold, uncaring, and very demanding.  Over time, they had found Sonak as being very capable, very efficient, and very precise.  Though they hated Sonak during their training, they eventually admired their drill instructor, and were grateful for all that they had learned from him.  Lyon graduated with honors in the class of '31 from Starfleet Academy, and gave Drill Instructor First Class Sonak his silver dollar from the first salute ceremony.

     During the summer term of Lyon's sophomore year, his class was assigned to training aboard Starfleet Academy's Constitution class training cruiser U.S.S. Republic (NCC-1371) where they would put their experience in Starship operation to test in the real world for the first time.  The mission consisted of a cruise around the Terran solar system.  The Republic herself had been removed from active Starfleet service, and had not left the solar system in the last four years.

     After graduation, Lyon volunteered for the Starfighter Training School on Earth when he earned his commission as an ensign.  As with all starfighter pilots, a call-name was chosen for Ensign Lyon by his peers and his instructors.  Lyon had a tendency to never try to avoid a situation; he would just plow his way through it.  Because of this, and because of his sense of humor, he was called "Wildcat."  Ensign Richard Kilgore, Lyon's academy classmate and best friend at the time, was likewise called "Kilroy."  During their training, they were also teamed up with a young ensign named Bubel, who was given the call name of "The Enforcer."  Starfighter training was intense but not without diversion.  At the end of their second week of training, at a formal party at the Flight School in Pensacola, he had met a young woman named Helen, and almost immediately fell in love.  The two saw a lot of each other over his liberties throughout his training; each time they got together was more passionate than the last.  After a year in flight school, Lyon graduated, Rob and Helen married.  Shortly after their honeymoon at Angel Falls in Venezuela, he was assigned as a pilot aboard starship Seattle.  Bubel and Kilgore were also assigned to the same squadron aboard the same starship with Lyon.

     The three were virtually inseparable; becoming the Seattle's most efficient starfighter team.  Lyon, Kilgore, and Bubel would often get into considerable trouble with their wing commander whenever they would buzz the main bridge on a routine fly-by.  The team was broken with the death of Ensign Bubel in 2332 while engaged in heavy combat with hostile Orion Pirate fighter craft.

     Lyon also became close friends with the commanding officer of the Seattle, Captain Steven Parker.  Captain Parker took Lyon under his wing after the death of his wingman.  Lyon would keep in touch with Parker until his untimely death in 2367.

     While aboard Seattle, Lyon kept in constant touch with his wife, but it was difficult for them to be separated constantly.  Nine months into his first deep-space mission, Helen had told him that she bore a son, named Joshua on June 21, 2332.  The news had filled Lyon with great happiness, lifting his spirits from the recent loss of his wingman, "The Enforcer."  Lyon desperately wanted to see his son, but his assignment on Seattle kept him away.  Lyon was promoted to lieutenant, junior grade in 2334.  In 2335, Seattle returned to Earth Spacedock for the first time in four years.  Lieutenant Lyon saw his son for the first time, but his relationship with Helen was very strained.  Since his required time of service was nearly over, Helen had wanted him to resign his commission in Starfleet to pursue a civilian career where they could be together.  Lyon felt that Starfleet was his home, and that he would feel out of place doing anything else.  Lyon had lived with his wife and son for a year on Earth while Seattle underwent refit and overhaul.  In 2336, Seattle returned to deep space, and Lyon was promoted to squadron leader, earning the rank of full lieutenant.  His wife only wrote once in a great while, and Lyon's heart sank.

     In 2337, Lieutenant Lyon was ordered to Starbase 74 to serve as a squadron leader, filling a vacancy resulting from the tragic death of his predecessor.  This new assignment was not without cost.  Upon arriving at Starbase 74, Lyon sent for his wife and son to live with him on the base.  Shortly thereafter, Lyon received divorce papers from Helen on his thirty-first birthday.  He had desperately tried to negoiate his relationship with her, even offered to resign his commission, but it was far too late.  Lyon, knowing it was over, could do nothing but sign the papers.  Lyon was so heartbroken that he would never remarry.  For the first year or so at Starbase 74, his performance declined, and his commanding officer nearly relieved him as squadron leader on more than one occasion.  After a while, Lyon found things to do to keep his mind off his pain, and he would rarely talk about his personal life with his peers.  Over time, he eventually became one of the finest fighter pilots at the starbase.  Lyon remained at Starbase 74 until 2340, when he transferred back to starship duty aboard the Hood as wing commander.

     While aboard Hood, Lyon engaged Orion pirate fighters in a dogfight.  Before destroying the Orion fighter craft, Lyon's own two-man starfighter was damaged.  Lyon was injured, however his sensors officer was killed.  He appointed Petty Officer Third Class Ben Ayers as his new sensors officer, a posting the young petty officer held until the end of his enlistment in 2342.  When Ayers's first enlistment was up, Lyon talked the young petty officer into staying with Starfleet, and Ayers was reassigned to Helium Shipbuilding Yards, orbiting Mars as a warp field technician.  In 2343, Lieutenant Lyon received news that his old friend, Commodore Steven Parker was about to become a father on Tulagis.  Since the Hood was in the Tulgari sector, Lyon requested leave time to visit his old friend.  On September 23, 2343, Lyon was witness to Shaylen Ankarian, daughter of Commodore Parker.  Parker and his wife named Lyon Shaylen's godfather.  

     Lyon remained aboard starship Hood until 2345, when he was given an opportunity from Admiral Parish, his former commanding officer from the Cyane to become an instructor.

     At Starfleet Academy, Lyon received a promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander, serving in two capacities: the first being an instructor in starship and starfighter strategy and tactics, and the other being a starship and starfighter simulation instructor.

     Lyon rarely left the campus, divorcing himself almost completely from the civilian world.  He had more than enough opportunity to visit his son while on Earth, but he didn't see the point, as Helen would never respond to his calls or messages.  Cadets often saw him as distant and by the book.

     Lyon was a close friend to Admiral Parish and his family, and in 2346, the admiral had a son, Steven.

     During his tour at the Academy, Lieutenant Commander Lyon would meet three officers who would be key individuals later on in his career: Cadet Turock T'Kill, a Romulan/Human hybrid whose trust he had earned in the fact alone that Lyon could see past the racial suspicions held by T'Kill's fellow cadets and the faculty; the second was an Errsedorian cadet whose name was unpronounceable, but was simply called "Blobbin", and a third was an orphaned Bajoran named Teela Amor.

     In 2347, Lyon transferred back into the fleet, serving as second officer and operations manager for starship Horatio, the largest starship he had served aboard to date.  Though Lyon enjoyed serving aboard these large Ambassador class cruisers, he felt they were too luxurious.  Despite this, Lyon was not one to complain.

     In 2351, after serving four years aboard Horatio, Lyon was selected to become the intermediate adjutant to the Commander-In-Chief of Starfleet and was promoted to the rank of Commander.  Duty as an adjutant was generally not coveted by Starfleet officers, as they often preferred to remain on starship duty.  It was this duty alone that prepared him for the rest of his career.  He saw Starfleet operating first-hand.  He learned fleet strategies and policies from the admiralty, and he had learned diplomacy.

     When his two-year tour was complete in 2353, he returned to the fleet aboard starship Maximillian to replace Captain Johnathon Nighthawk's first officer, who was killed in battle.

     In 2355, Maximillian returned to Earth for major systems repair, crew rotation, and tactical systems upgrade.  Nighthawk was promoted to two-star admiral to command Starfleet Battle Group 47 of the 4th Fleet in the Cardassian/Federation Conflict.  Commander Lyon was granted command of the starship and promoted to the rank of captain.  Captain Lyon valiantly led the vessel through over twenty-five skirmishes with Cardassian warships, and twelve battles, defending several outlying Federation colonies in their sector of operation.  During a battle with a Cardassian warship in 2359, Lyon's first officer was killed.  He appointed his old friend and shipmate Lieutenant Blobbin to replace his former first officer, granting him a promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander.

     In 2363, the worst thing that could happen to a starship captain happened to Captain Lyon.  While patrolling the Beta Rendala system, Maximillian was attacked by three Cardassian Galor class cruisers.  The Beta Rendala system had four major Federation colonies with a total population of over 4.2 billion Federation citizens.  Maximillian took severe damage and high casualties in the ambush, but was successful in neutralizing her attackers.  While en-route to Starbase 211, a warp core breach was in progress.  The core was successfully ejected, however the resulting explosion caused further damage to the wounded starship.  With multiple hull breaches and failing life support systems, Captain Lyon was forced to order abandon ship.  The officers and crew were rescued four days later by starship Detroit.  The hulk of Maximillian was recovered two weeks later and towed to Starbase 211 where she was deemed to have suffered too much structural damage to salvage.  Though Maximillian had been lost, and the casualty rate was approximately twenty percent of the crew, four Federation colonies had been saved (over 4 billion lives), and the captain, officers and crew of Maximillian had been commanded for their actions.

     Despite their findings of a court-martial in Lyon's favor, he still blamed himself for the loss of his ship.  In 2363, Captain Lyon was given a ground assignment at the Helium Ship Yards as the construction director of a new  Nebula-Class starship, U.S.S. Pharaoh (NCC-72016).  At around the midway point of construction, Lyon was transferred to a top-secret military installation for high level energy experiments.  The experiments went terribly wrong, and the energy backlashed on the station, leaving Lyon the only survival.  Despite being cleared by Starfleet, Lyon never spoke about what happened at what he would come to call "Sunburst point".  By the end of the year, Starfleet Command renamed Pharaoh to Maximillian, in honor of Lyon's old ship, and in recognition of his actions and that of his crew at Beta Rendala.

    When Maximillian was complete on May 20, 2368, Starfleet placed Captain Lyon in command for her first year of service.  Some of his original bridge crew from the old Maximillian served aboard this new starship under his command.  Commander Blobbin served as first officer; Lieutenant Commander Brian Monk as operations manager before Lieutenant Commander Matt Pollock succeeded Monk in October, 2368; Doctor Mark Dewiel as chief medical officer; Lieutenant Bob Brown as chief engineer, and Chief of Operations Bradley as crew liaison, to name a few.

     In 2368, starship Maximillian (NCC-72016) arrived two days after the Tulgaris incident.  Maximillian, under the command of Captain Robert Lyon, was the closest starship to Tulgaris when the Tulgarian government sent the distress signal.  The starship's arrival was too late, as there is no practical antidote for exposure to high concentrations of Berthold radiation.  Captain Lyon and his crew, however, were able to aid the survivors by tending to other medical needs, and dispatching supplies necessary for rebuilding Tulgari civilization in the aftermath of the Churgonian attack. 

     At the recommendation of Captain Lyon, heavy sanctions had been placed on the Churgonian people, and their home system was encompassed by a neutral zone, the crossing of which by any Churgonian vessel would be considered an act of war against not only the Tulgaris, but against the Federation as well.  Any non-Starfleet vessel entering the Churgonian system would be boarded, and the crew detained.

     Maximillian recovered the sensitive projects at the Cochrane institute and the personnel working on them (as a safeguard for Federation interests against a possible second Churgonian attack.)  Captain Lyon requested Starfleet to dispatch more starships to further aid the Tulgari in their recovery.  While en-route to Starbase 157 (where Maximillian where disembark the Tulgari survivors), Captain Lyon reviewed Ankarians profile, and found her name familiar.  As suspected, she was the daughter of the late Admiral Steven Parker, whom Lyon served under aboard Federation Excelsior-Class starship Seattle.  Captain Lyon called her into his ready room, and offered the opportunity to return to Starfleet as an Engineering officer.  Having nowhere else to go, she gladly accepted his offer, effectively becoming a junior officer aboard Maximillian.

     In May of 2369, Captain Lyon was promoted to the rank of rear admiral, serving at Starfleet Command as co-director for Bureau of Ships.  In January of 2372, he was again promoted to the rank of vice admiral, where he served temporarily as Commander, Starfleet Training Command.  In April 2372, he recieved a promotion to admiral with an assignment as first officer to TacFleet.  In July 2372, he was once again promoted to Fleet Admiral, where he was given full command of TacFleet when his commanding officer, Fleet Admiral Daniel Atkins, retired.  He chose starship Maximillian as his flagship, and promoted Captain Turock T'Kill to the rank of rear admiral, lower half for his exemplary performance in starship command.  It was also during this span that Lyon was called back to Sunburst Point to assess a new finding: an android of unknown race found floating amidst wreckage.  Lyon gave careful thought to the situation, and ordered his memory erased.  When the android came to, the only thing that he could remember was his name: Critch Starblade.  It was also during this time period that Lyon discovered the death of his son.

     In late 2372, because of his extensive combat experience in three theatres of warfare, Fleet Admiral Lyon was ordered by Fleet Admiral Thomas Henry to personally assume command of a small four-ship fleet, dubbed Task Force Gamma-Two by Starfleet Command, consisting of starships Maximillian, Chicago, Mariner, and Atlantis, detected seven Jem'Hadar warships on attack approach for planet Semtar III, a previously uncharted world which had an indigenous civilization with a socio-technological equivalent to Earth during the late twentieth century.  Due to Semtar III's proximity to the Bajoran Wormhole, and due to the nature of the situation, Task Force Commander Robert Lyon felt the Prime Directive did not apply, as another, advanced, spacefaring race was making an unprovoked attack on a primitive society.  Lyon ordered Task Force Gamma-Two into combat.  The battle resulted in stopping the Jem'Hadar attack, but at the cost of over a thousand Starfleet lives and two starships, the Maximillian and the Chicago.  Of the crew of 645 aboard Maximillian, only 327 survived.  Most of the survivors suffered various injuries.

     Lyon himself is severed injured, requiring four months of hospitalization.  When he was fully recovered, Starfleet Commander Thomas Henry assigned him, partly at the repeated requests of Admiral T'Kill and Captain Blobbin, to head the Menkare Expanse expedition in the outer-most reaches of the Alpha Quadrant, with the new Sovereign class Maximillian as his flagship.  Planet Kafre Prime served as his command base.

    On the Maximillian's initial entry into the Menkare Expanse, it detected a large chronometric reading from an uncharted planet.  A fast-moving series of events left Lyon stranded in the late twentieth century of Earth, in the Cyprus region.  There he lived for a year until he was rescued.  Despite the incredible circumstances, he considered that year the finest in his life.

     When the Maximillian and Fleet Admiral Lyon were recalled in November of 2373, Lyon was assigned to the position of Commander, Starfleet Operating Forces--one of the highest positions in Starfleet Command.  Lyon, though in a somewhat high position, was unpopular in regards to combat strategy among the highest officials of Starfleet Command.  Finally in June of 2374, Lyon's plan to retake planet Cygnet XIV from the Dominion passed through the Federation Council.

     On Stardate 51505., Lyon met his grandson, James, an ensign assigned as first officer aboard Perengrine class interceptor Palomino, which was assigned to fight in the Battle of Cygnet XIV.

     A year later, a vessel appeared at Sunburst point and destroyed the Archer Observatory that Lyon had set into place.  Pulling the Maximillian out of the Menkare Expanse, he and Admirals Blobbin and T'Kill led the Maximillian to rendevous with the vessel, which declared it's intentions by destroying the remainder of the escorting party, and soonthereafter a Gorn homeworld.  Captain Septaric also died as the Maximillian attempted to stop the destruction, and Lyon took command for the duration of the crisis.  Believing the vessel's existance to be his fault, he led a unending crusade that ultimately led to a standoff in Earth space.  There the vessel was destroyed by Lyon's final act, fixing a crippled torpedo launcher and taking a lethal dose of radiation in the progress.

     Lyon was remembered both in Starfleet and on the Maximillian.  On the Maximillian, Lieutenant Commander Skrit designed an upgrade to the "Delta Flyer" and named it the "R.S. Lyon."  In Starfleet, A Luna-Class ship is being constructed: The U.S.S. Robert S. Lyon.




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