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Page history last edited by Chris Stephenson 13 years, 5 months ago

Much is unknown about the Marconian race, as it's existence was mostly unknown until recently.  In truth, it doesn't appear to be a race at all.  First detected by Admiral Lyon when he was a captain, doing experiments on breaching the walls of our universe, the Marconians are a complete machine race.  Unlike the Borg or similar cyborgs, everything about the Marconians is synthetic.  

Their origins are only theory.  Many believe them to have started with simple replacement of appendages, and slowly over the course of many years replaced their entire selves with a machine race.  Others believe that the machines simply wiped out their builders, leaving only the Marconians left.  What is known is that every Marconian of a certain generation looks exactly alike, as they are all built to the same specifications.  They exist in a caste system, with the wealthiest and most powerful being the first to receive upgrades to a new generation, and the rest slowly receiving hand-me-downs over time.  The military corps are the current ruling class in Marconian society at the time of the Marconian invasion.

Marconians live not on planets, but in a series of great crystal spires, connected by small tunnels, that extend millions of miles throughout their space.  If looked upon far enough back, they all connect in a rotating formation around a central red sun.  However in truth even the sun itself is synthetic; it will never burn out or die.

The Marconians are believed to have wiped out all life in their universe save for themselves and one other conquered race: The Ka-Ki-Ri.  Generations ago they assimilated their race as slaves, and as time grew on, their past has largely been forgotten, and the Ka-Ki-Ri mostly do not mind their indentured servitude.

Marconian vessels are vast ships hundreds of miles long powered by several power cores, ran from a central core placed randomly throughout the ship.  Instead of shielding, a robust defensive spread of turrets is intended to keep the ship alive.  In the front of the ship is a crystal spire that focuses an incredibly powerful beam weapon capable of vaporizing almost anything it touches.  The rest of the ship is able to shift it's frequencies in order to hide itself, leaving it unable to be harmed.  However this renders it's defensive capabilities useless save for the beam weapon.  It's manueverability is greatly increased.

The vessels have one final weapon, where they can enter a star's corona and cause a flare out, making the sun enter it's supernova stage millions of years early, in most cases eliminating local resistance entirely.  While this does not destroy the vessel entirely (Unless it is not in it's frequency-shifted state) it does severely damage it, and repairs take much time.

The Marconian power structure is assumed to be in a state of flux.  The military leader, Critch Starblade, led the generational shift to a human-looking form, with capabilities slightly superior to an equivilant android from our universe.  He then led a invasion on the universe he had detected due to Federation experiments.  Due to then Captain Lyon's actions, the universal wall was breached before the process was complete, and the resulting backlash destroyed the central seat of Marconian government, the Great Spire.  Vowing revenge, Starblade led development on several projects, many successfully secretly crossing the universal barrier undetected by Federation science.  Designing the Marconian vessel that could destroy a sun, he launched a mission, however he was betrayed by his second-in-command, and the vessel was destroyed.  The second-in-command, who had taken the name "Canty", took command of the Military sect, and began plans for a second invasion.  While he made it through the universe barrier successfully, his mission was a failure.  Past that point, nothing is known, and at this point, there has been no further contact with Marconian society.

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