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Critch Starblade

Page history last edited by Chris Stephenson 13 years, 7 months ago

Critch Starblade is the fictional persona of Chris Stephenson on board the USS Maximillian NCC-74997.  He is a Marconian, an android from an alternate universe.  Despite his questionable past, Starblade has served for many years with distinction, rising through the ranks from Transporter Chief eventually up to Captain, where he served several uneventful years until the events chronicled in Order of the Sword

The following contains spoilers for Maximillian Storylines after and including Beyond the Final Frontier.


Critch Starblade was found floating in space in the year 2365 at Sunburst point, on the outskirts of Federation space, by Captain Chris Stephenson and the U.S.S. Asimov..  While he appears on the exterior to be completely human, his internal makeup is of a meticulously designed machine.  His organs were grown and manufactured, and in the complete wrong places for an ordinary human.  (For example, his central nervous system is solely located in his lower back.)  It was hotly debated by the highest members of Starfleet what his fate would be, as this was during the same time period of the Next Generation episode "Measure of a Man".  Eventually, it was decided by Admiral Robert S. Lyon that he would be activated, but that his memories would be eliminated.  He awoke only knowing his name, and nothing else.  Lyon took the android under his wing, and steered him to join the Federation, and Starfleet.

Fleet and the Kittyhawk

Starblade soonafter joined Starfleet Academy , and surprisingly to him was treated just like any other individual.  This was largely due to him looking human and thus most didn't realize that he wasn't.  He quickly learned that his abilities gave him an added bonus in certain activities, as he took first place in the Starfleet Marathon two years in a row, the only non-human to ever do so.  Thinking it unfair to the others, he declined to participate in organized sports further.  Starblade was not an exceptional student in most aspects but he did take to the transporting art, and began to major in it's applications.  By the time he graduated, he had several ideas being worked on by high-level engineers, including being able to change the appearance of clothing during transport. 

After graduation, Starblade was assigned to the U.S.S. Kittyhawk under Captain Lape.  While he preferred to go to the Maximillian as that was his friend Admiral Lyon's flagship, that ship was on manuevers and was unavailable.  He quickly became transporter chief and continued to hone his skills.  After the Nebula-Class Maximillian's destruction, Starblade transferred to fill the open slot of Chief of Operations.

Chief of Operations, and Beyond the Final Frontier

Starblade fell into his new position quickly, and made friends easily with the majority of the ship.  During this period, the Maximillian entered the Menkare Expanse under new Captain Tamak.  Soon thereafter, Tamak fell prey to a Vulcan virus, leading to a series of events that stranded Admiral Lyon in the past, and the Maximillian in the future.  Starblade was instrumental in returning all parts to their proper time periods, and was quickly promoted to Lieutenant Commander by the time that the Maximillian finished it's mission in the Menkare Expanse.  The rest of the time in the Expanse was largely uneventful, in stark contrast to the events afterward.

Two years after the beginning of the Menkare mission, An unknown object had entered Federation space at Sunburst point, the same point as Starblade had.  As Admiral Lyon sent the Maximillian to discover the object's true intentions, Starblade figured out that the object was identical to reconstructed pieces of the ship that had presumably carried him to that point.  Finding a link to the past, he eagerly pushed Admiral Lyon to allow him to board the vessel, but was denied.  Nonplussed, Starblade snuck aboard the ship anyway.  There he discovered a doppleganger of himself, who revealed that Starblade was a Marconian, a race of self-improving androids that had existed for hundreds of thousands of 'generations'.  His counterpart, 'Canty', along with his slave Ka-Ki-Ri Karey, had snuck aboard this ship to sabotage it before it could cause any harm.  Both Starblade's and Canty's vessels had both been sent because several decades before Admiral Lyon had breached the Universal wall, and the military sect of Marconia feared that the Federation would invade, and so decided on a preemptive strike.  Starblade managed to stop his ship at the cost of his memory, and Canty had been working to stop his when the vessel had responded to an attack by setting course for the Gorn Homeworld.

During the battle where it was also discovered that only seismic weapons had an effect on the vessel, due to it being out of sync with our universe, Starblade discovered that Canty was lying to him, and that Starblade had actually invaded the Federation Universe in order to destroy it, and Canty, who had been his second in command, had sabotaged his vessel to take his position as leader of the Marconian military sect.  This vessel was headed towards Earth's sun, with a plan to destroy it and deal an instant crippling blow to the Federation.  Imprisoning him, Canty disappeared.  Karey was ordered to taunt him, but Starblade was released after he promised to free Karey's kind and to face up to his crimes.  Contacting the Maximillian, he and Lyon eventually devised a plan that would destroy the vessel.  After syncing the vessel to our universe, Starblade and Canty fought one last time, and Starblade nearly was killed before Karey interfered, letting Starblade deactivate the external shielding, and everything that kept the atmosphere within the vessel.   Both Karey and Canty flew to their deaths, and Starblade was able to inform the Maximillian how to destroy the vessel. 

Back aboard the Maximillian, Starblade was both demoted and promoted for his actions, remaining Lieutenant Commander.  Several of his friends had died during the battle, including Admiral Lyon and Lieutenant Amy Armstrong Thomas.  As Captain Kelvok took command of the rebuilding of the Sovereign-Class Maximillian after the deceased Captain S'Quid Tai Septaric, Starblade took a sabbatical, attempting to figure out what to do next and who he truly was.  Also see: Marconian Vessel

Great Adventures

While the Maximillian was undergoing repair and refit, Starblade floundered.  He consuled with Lieutenant Commander Data shortly, but decided to remain in Starfleet.  Temporarily serving as Chief of Communications on the U.S.S. Asgard, Starblade passed himself off as being intended to be a spy from the Marconian race, however when Lyon erased his memory that part of him was lost forever.  Most outside the Maximillian, and even Admiral T'Kill himself did not entirely trust the android, but he still managed to make his way.  Once the Maximillian was rebuilt better than ever, Starblade resumed his position, throwing himself into his work.  After a year, directly after Data's death, the Maximillian brought on board a new crew member, Lieutenant Overload Soong-Maddox.  An android built from Soongian spare parts, Overload felt drawn to Starblade due to their both being constructed.  At first, Starblade wanted nothing to do with the feisty girl, but eventually warmed up to her, after coming to grips with what happened to Data and also to the friends lost years ago.  Together, they defeated an invading plant-creature.

Soon after, another plant-creature emerged on an inhabited planet, and Captain Kelvok was forced to destroy the planet in order to keep it from escaping and seeding itself throughout the universe.  Due to the ensuing controversy over his decision, Kelvok stepped down as Captain, and recommended Starblade in his place.  While there were several individuals not fully trusting him, including Admiral T'Kill, Starblade took command of the U.S.S. Maximillian.  Also see: A Great Adventure, Needs of the Many.


After a brief test, similar to the Kobyashi Maru but updated for the times, Starblade undertook his first mission, uncovering a group of Remans cryogenically frozen as a backup plan for Shinzon.  Impressing T'Kill, Starblade and his crew was able to stop the new Reman incursion before it began.  However, after this point calm came to the galaxy and the remainder of Starblade's terms were quiet, with only brief flareups by a group loyal to Shinzon and his Viceroy, and the ever-present plant-creature threat.  As Commander Jaydin prepared to leave for Bajor to truly become their Kaipar, Starblade received word that the U.S.S. Asimov had been destroyed in an empty region of space, and the man that found Starblade, Captain Stephenson, was missing...Continued in Order of the Sword

Also see: Strength In Darkness.

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