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Page history last edited by Chris Stephenson 13 years, 5 months ago

(Equezumre Vevom Klaosdkif) (Eque-zoom-ray Vev-ohm Klay-ozed-kif) (Gregory Dunn)  Currently Inspector General.  Equezumre Vevom Klaosdkif was born on Citidus, the capital city of Errsedoria, a moon of Isser in the Inerziin star system, located in Galaxy NGC-6118 on February 20, 2290 (20292402 in his Imperial Standard date).  He is a member of an unusual species of intelligent mercury based beings known as Errsedorians.  His race is renowned for their ability to design and construct structures in their area of the universe, and they have an ability to change form.  Klaosdkif, at a fairly early age, decided to explore the universe.  Though he finds it difficult to explain the methods he used to reach our galaxy, Klaosdkif had managed to cross unimaginable distances to get here.  When he arrived in the Alpha Quadrant, on June 29, 2339 (Stardate 16490.4), his ship was badly damaged.  The Federation starship Rome, operating in the vicinity, discovered Kaosdkif, the only survivor of his badly damaged ship.  The Rome returned him to Earth, the seat of power for the interstellar union known as the United Federation of Planets.  Starfleet Sciences, based in San Francisco, examined the mercury-based life-form.  As he learned the Federation standard language, he learned of Starfleet, and found that their mission was similar to his own, so he decided that, for a while at least, he would serve among their ranks.

Starfleet Career:  Klaosdkif was admitted to Starfleet Academy in 2345, where he met a cadet in his class named Turock T'Kill, being half human and half Romulan (A race that Klaosdkif learned very quickly was an enemy to the Federation).  T'Kill was not very well received by his fellow classmates and most instructors at the Academy.  Naturally, he befriended this unusual cadet.  Klaosdkif found that T'Kill, and many other cadets in their class found it difficult to pronounce his name, so they casually referred to him as "Blobbin", mainly because of his ability to change form.  Though he uses his first three names for formal Federation documentation, Blobbin actually has over one-hundred names.  His full name reads as follows:

Equezumre Vevom Klaosdkif Sdedoxxen Trehja Legitomas Fadidk Edishd Psidquid Cver Apokevrezem Yumere Wimprio Rmobom Oyjumin Vzeedtquzpoldnim Goic Knomus Umefrixyu Jwerhuna Tsamonihum Alkedaquac Cenohisassa Wlimra Yupazidia Runuquros Epiopun Ximuje Illewi Siis Noperajohias Uuberdawn Trioyivajid Isiee Poperti Iter Tjiocrumro Tnaillim Sixam Bssu Utocsam Ratsellab Gnegel Hpargotoph Smorobl Uquias Crawanam Knoylbor Sirromttam Cnnud Oyroger Limaryp Uenin Mepat Berutan Udaro Suun Ikkumhjakcus Syriad Cretsoh Otencca Orebu Logruchon Mqubien Enarrkwin Gockjockyobi Atenokja Njamaunna Shtothare Uyada Swiautomutojasasol Aeertonumestu Nedquotaonoyef Meweuouskxyu 'Ainjikda Rjeonyas Igossa Ofolkesa Noljaumekquen Olopa Hyuiop Isamerionsadacco Onhakelo Ctojasz Iolyaquen Gesopalezhu Akkramna Riilowe Bzevenyer Axderu Towquno Teelyamoverhoa Lasdilifakas Ellkasif Sriujok Taio Aiaue Rapioadun Oaiosn Piaweojas Xeloalweiocvok.  In any case, the name "Blobbin" stuck.  Even those he served with later, both superior officers and subordinates would call him "Blobbin" throughout his entire Starfleet career.  Later, during their freshman year, T'Kill introduced Blobbin to an instructor he befriended, Lieutenant Commander Robert Lyon.  Blobbin had known Lyon previously, even attended some of his classes.  Blobbin and Lyon became good friends, a friendship that would last for decades to come.

     When Blobbin graduated from Starfleet Academy and was commissioned as an ensign in 2349, he requested assignment aboard Lyon's ship, the Horatio as an assistant intelligence officer.  His performance aboard Horatio was exemplary, and by mid-2250, at the recommendation of second officer Robert Lyon, he was promoted to the rank of lieutenant, junior grade.

     Later during that year, a position opened for tactical officer aboard Federation Excelsior class explorer Berlin (NCC-14232).  Blobbin was not one to pass up opportunity, so he transferred, and for three years, he served as Berlin tactical officer.

     In 2353, Blobbin filled the position of chief security officer aboard Federation Excelsior class explorer Melbourne (NCC-62043), receiving a promotion to full lieutenant.  His service aboard Melbourne, like his service to date, was exemplary.

     In 2357, an opening for an operations manager and second officer was available aboard Federation Excelsior class heavy cruiser Maximillian (NCC-14238).  Blobbin was happy aboard the Melbourne, but when he recieved news that his friend Robert Lyon assumed command of Maximillian two years earlier, he requested and was granted a transfer.  During a battle with a Cardassian warship in 2359, Lyon's first officer was killed.  He appointed his old friend and shipmate Lieutenant Blobbin to replace his former first officer, granting him a field promotion to the rank of lieutenant commander.  Blobbin served as Maximillian's first officer until the destruction of the ship in 2363 at Beta Rendala.  Starship Maximillian was attacked by three Galor class cruisers.  The Beta Rendala system had four major Federation colonies with a total population of over 4.2 billion Federation citizens.  Maximillian took severe damage and high casualities in the ambush, and, while en-route to Starbase 211, a warp core breach was in progress.  The core was successfully ejected, however the resulting explosion caused further damage to the wounded starship.  With multiple hull breaches and failing life support systems, Captain Robert Lyon was forced to order abandon ship.  The officers and crew were rescued four days later by Federation Excelsior-Class starship U.S.S. Detroit (NCC-42287).  The hulk of the Maximillian was recovered two weeks later and towed to Starbase 211 where she was deemed to have suffered too much structural damage to salvage.  Though Maximillian had been lost, and the casualty rate was approximately twenty percent of the crew, four Federation colonies had been saved (over 4 billion lives), and the Captain, officers and crew of Maximillian had been commended for their actions. 

     When Lyon was assigned to the Helium Ship Yards orbiting Mars in early January of 2364, Blobbin volunteeered to serve as Lyon's project co-director.  When the starship was complete on May 20, 2368, Starfleet Command named Captain Lyon her commanding officer, and Commander Blobbin his first officer.  Some of the original bridge crew from the older Excelsior class Maximillian served aboard this new starship along with them.

     Blobbin is well known throughout Starfleet as a prankster and an all-around practical joker.  It was no different when he served with Captain Lyon aboard Maximillian.  On stardate 45554.5, shortly after Maximillian's commissioning, Commander Blobbin threw a surprise birthday party for his captain on the bridge, a party which Captain Lyon caught trouble from Admiral Masters.  Months later, when Maximillian was conducting a cultural surveillance update on planet Neural, Commander Blobbin, leading the away team conducting the survey, shape-shifts into a mugato, frightening the communications officer, Lieutenant Vaughn.  A third occasion took place during a port call Maximillian made at the Aldebaran Colony.  Captain Lyon and Commander Blobbin visited a cafe, Blobbin forgot to pay for his Thalian chocolate malt.  Later he cracks a joke and Captain Lyon ended up spilling his all over his uniform.  Other instances were showing up for duty in Vatican Guard armor, dressed like Queen Elizabeth I, or as a Roman Centurion.  He would often tell wild, off the wall stories, which would generally cause a fit of laughter for those he told them to.  Lyon understood Blobbin, and knew he was good for ship's morale, particularly during extended missions where Maximillian would not make a port call for months.

     During the following year, Starfleet Command promoted Captain Lyon to the rank of two-star admiral.  Since Blobbin did not wish to command a starship himself, Starfleet Command assigned Captain Turock T'Kill, Blobbin's friend and classmate, to assume command.

     In early 2371, Commander Blobbin was assigned to Starfleet Special Intelligence, remaining attached to Maximillian as an undercover agent, using her as a base of operations.  For his covert operations, he used his runabout Trevere. 

     In 2372, when Fleet Admiral Robert Lyon named Maximillian as his flagship, Commander Blobbin was promoted by Starfleet Special Intelligence to the rank of Captain to head an important extended covert operation.  When Maximillian was destroyed, Blobbin had been working on a high priority, top secret undercover reconnaissance mission in Cardassian space as commanding officer of the Julius the 2nd.  After the mission ended, Blobbin kept the Julius as his flagship, dividing his time equally between it and the Maximillian.  Following the death of Admiral Lyon, Blobbin spent more time fixing the craft that ferried him to our universe, deciding that he would need to return home eventually.  The weapons designed by his race were slowly implemented throughout the Federation starships, and fittingly the first ship to be designed with Errsedorian technology as a defensive backbone is the Luna Class Maximillian (NCC-82016).


Authors note: Blobbin is a non-Star Trek alien known as an Errsedorian from Gregory Dunn's fictional "Leaders of the Galaxy" universe.

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